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  • Encourages a balanced diet
  • Increases the variety of food options
  • Has National 5 - a - day recognition
  • 24 hr availability - ideal for hospitals
  • Ease of use
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    Healthy Vending Machines

    Healthy Vending Machine

    If you have a busy lifestyle, it can be tempting to get into a snacking habit. Grabbing a pack of crisps or a chocolate bar may give you a short term energy boost , but these snacks usually contain bad types of fat and sugar.

    Eating healthy is an important part of maintaining good health. It is recommended that we eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg per day.

    Mersey Vend healthy vending machines are perfect for making fruit accessible, eliminating the temptation to snack on the wrong things.

    5 reasons to get 5 portions

  • Fruit is an excellent source of dietary fibre, helping prevent digestion problems.

  • Fruit can help reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes and some cancers.

  • Fruit is a good source of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C.

  • Fruit contributes to a healthy and balanced diet.

  • Fruit tastes great and there is so much variety to choose from.

  • So remember, no matter how much exercise you do a poor diet can undo all the good you are trying to achieve.

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